Black Magic Instant Spells

Black magic instant spells are powerful spells you can use to get anything you want protection, love, money my black magic instant spells work instantly.

They were completely baffled by the mystical practices openly performed by the locals. It was common for “witch doctors”, “medicine men”, and other Magical practitioners to use herbs, plants, and other natural elements for healing, protection, and prosperity.

These practices were completely foreign to the explorers, and that’s when the term “black magic” was coined. The term is still with us today… but it’s meaning has changed. Today’s modern witch uses it to describe any spell or ritual intended to do harm to some one or some thing.

I don’t ever recommend casting a spell to harm some one or some thing… but I don’t like using the term “Black Magic” to describe “bad spells”.

Just think about where the term came from. Imagine a healer dancing around a sick villager… praying to the ancestral spirits for healing. There’s nothing “Black” about that. It’s no different than Catholics performing rituals of prayer.

So no… “Black Magic” isn’t bad. And here are 2 “Black Magic” spells to prove it.

I don’t know a person who doesn’t want to feel attractive, happy, and loved. Here is an oil that will make you feel good… and increase the chances of meeting someone special.

What you’ll need:

* lemon zest (make it by grating lemon skin)

* 1 tablespoon of vervain

* 1 tablespoon of lavage

* essential oil of lemon verbena

* 1 lodestone chip

* sweet almond oil

* rose attar

* a glass jar with a lid

STEP 1: Use a mortar and pestle to grind the lemon zest, vervain, and lovage together.

STEP 2: Put this pasty powder into the bottle, along with the lodestone chip.

STEP 3: Pour the sweet almond oil into the jar.

STEP 4:Add the remaining ingredients in drop by drop… shake and test periodically until you have the spell you like best.

STEP 5: Rub a little of this scent on your clothing before going out. So you feel good, and attract attention from potential love interests.

Rose’s Bread Crumbs Of Good Health Spell

Use this spell during times when it’s important you remain in good health. (I like to use this during flu season.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

* A piece of charcoal

* A few dried bread crumbs

* A dash of salt

* A square piece of red cloth

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